About TravelCraft

TravelCraft is a community, whose main purpose is to play Minecraft on a server together.

We are a Java semi-vanilla SMP (survival multiplayer) which means that we play the standard Java vanilla Minecraft but with some tweaks.
We don’t use mods, only a few plugins and datapacks to make the game a little bit more interesting and fun to play together. The server is free to play on, we are funded through donations of our members.

TravelCraft started back in March 2020 as a small SMP, but quickly grew and gained a bunch of members over the time.
We offer a fun experience in a great community with basically 100% uptime as well as a creative world for you to play in.
We have at least biweekly events where we come together and play some other games or do some community work on the server. Many of us grew to be good friends and do more than just playing Minecraft together now.

So, if you are looking for a place to find friends and you like to play with others regularly, TravelCraft is a great place to be.

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